“This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise.” Luke 23:43

MERCY to repentant sinners is the normal way of God.  The Scriptures are replete with statements of His willingness to forgive completely the sinner who approaches Him with contrition.

“The Lord who is good will show mercy, to all them, who with their whole heart seek the Lord the God of their fathers.”  2 Chronicles 30:18-19

“Then I acknowledged my sin to You, my guilt I covered not.   I said, “I confess my faults to the Lord,” and You took away the guilt of my sin.” Psalm 32:5

“My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit; a heart contrite and humbled, O God, You will not spurn.” Psalm 51:19

“For God is compassionate and merciful, and will forgive sins in the day of tribulation:  and He is a protector to all that seek Him in truth.”  Ecclesiastes 2:13

“And then come, and accuse Me, saith the Lord:  if your sins be as scariet, they shall be made as white as snow: and if they be red as crimson, they shall be white as wool.”  Isaiah 1:18

“And I will cleanse them from all their iniquity whereby they have sinned against Me:  and I will forgive all their iniquities whereby they have sinned against Me and despised Me.” Jeremiah 33:8

Information from The Life of Christ “Our Lord’s Life with Lesson in His Own Words for Our Life Today” The Catholic Press, Inc. 1959 © 1954 edited by Reverend John P. O’Connell, MASTD and Jex Martin, following mainly A Chronological Harmony of the Gospels by Stephen J Hartdegen OFM NIHIL OBSTAT John A McMahon; IMPRIMATUR Samuel Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago August 1, 1953.  Print.

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