“He who hears you, hears Me.” Luke 10:16

OUR HOLY FATHER speaks with the voice and the authority of Christ.  We listen to him, because he stands for Christ.  Even when his pronouncements are not infallible, they demand our respect.  In our day he has spoken out often on the problems of the day.

On the Christian education of youth, and on the institution of the family and the responsibilities of parents:  the encyclical Divini Filius Magistri, December 31, 1929.

On Christian marriage:  the encyclical  Casti Connubii, December 31, 1930.

On the reconstruction of the social order:  the encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931.

On atheistic communism: the encyclical Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937.

On the function of the state:  the encyclical Summi Pontificatus, October 20, 1939.

On the Church in the United State: the encyclical Sertum Laetitiae, November 1, 1939.

On the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ: the encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi, June 29, 1943.

On Biblical studies: the encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu, September 30, 1947.

On the sacred Liturgy: the encyclical Mediator Dei, November 29, 1947.

On attempts to distort Christian truths: the encyclical Humani Generis, August 12, 1950.

Mercy and Peace:  the encyclical Misericordia et misera, November 20, 2016

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Information from The Life of Christ “Our Lord’s Life with Lesson in His Own Words for Our Life Today”  The Catholic Press, Inc. 1959.  © 1954 edited by Reverend John P. O’Connell, MASTD and Jex Martin, following mainly A Chronological Harmony of the Gospels by Stephen J Hartdegen OFM NIHIL OBSTAT John A McMahon; IMPRIMATUR Samuel Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago August 1, 1953.  Print.

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